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Custom software design

Custom high level software development outsourcing engineering services, test software for device manufacturing, user interfaces, mobile applications.

Depending on the requirements of the project, our engineers develop software for various purposes: low level - device functional testing software, test software for manufacturing; high level - user interfaces and menus, mobile applications, system or server software according to requirements of the technical specification (software architecture, functionality, performance requirements, etc.).

The result of this custom software design stage for the Customer, depending on the requirements of the contract and the technical specification, are: software modules, algorithms, high level software, test software for functional testing of embedded solutions and devices in manufacturing, mobile applications, software documentation for all software transferred to the customer.

Programming languages: C/C++ (incl STL/ATL), TCL, CDL, Java (J2ME), MatLab, Mathematica, VHDL/Verilog, ASM, XML, XAML.

Hardware platforms: ARM, SuperH, x86, TI DSP, ADI Blackfin, ADI DSP, AVR32, MSP430, XMOS, i51, PIC.

User interface design

Having a successful experience in developing a wide range of devices, embedded systems and applications in electronics for various industries such as industrial automation, handheld electronics, wireless communication systems, signal processing systems, video, etc., the AXONIM engineering teams offer a high quality engineering service for the development of embedded systems, devices, software, user interfaces and mobile applications.

AXONIM has successfully completed a number of projects with a built-in user interface. The relevant experience includes: user interface design, development of mobile applications (development of applications on iOS, development of applications on Linux, development of applications for Android), development and implementation of applications for end users, customization of the user interface, validation and verification using various devices, Framework customization - customization of appearance and built-in electronic devices.

Embedded applications for handheld wireless and wearable devices, streaming multimedia server, applications, databases and web services, migrating with new hardware, optimizing performance, low memory, standard and non-standard Input / Output, application for various OS platforms and frameworks, development algorithms, software for test automation, industrial and scientific applications, integration of device drivers and protocol development, visualization and control, data management, web applications in real-time, distributed systems, communication protocols.

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